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Jan 24, 2022

Simon opens up to UKOCR on how his life was in turmoil and how Tough Mudder helped him turn it back around TM Ambassador Code: BRAND22UK21H2477R Tough Mudder Fancy Dress:

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Feb 8, 2021

This week we welcome Matt Brooke MD of Spartan Race U.K. and Tough Mudder U.K. to the podcast. 


Join us as we discuss Spartan/Tough Mudder’s place in the U.K. OCR space, his plans for 2021 and Matt’s opinion of the Tough Mudder/Spartan ambassador program


Follow Spartan UK on Instagram at @spartanraceuk


Feb 4, 2021

Today we speak to David Baird the race director of Rocket Race. We discuss virtual races, the fact that he’s a current World Champion boxer and the first ever OCR Triathlon coming in 2021.

Please note this was recorded in 2020 before we had the full studio set up so apologies for the sound quality in places....